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Alyson just shot her first Co-Star role on ELEMENTARY (CBS)! Look for her with Jonny Lee Miller and Jon Michael Hill in Season 7 as Sasha!


Alyson recently walked into her first recording studio to shoot a short film, "Sky". She played an up and coming, bubbly pop star named Ren.

29 Hour Reading of "Anne of Green Gables"

Alyson is back at it with Josie Pye AND Prissy for a 29 hour reading directed by Jenn Thompson!

Macy's Commercial

Alyson just shot her first commercial! You'll see her online and on social media, living her life at a speakeasy, while promoting Macy's.

Which Comes First: The Music ad Lyrics of Matt and Matte

Alyson will be singing at the "Which Comes First" concert at The Duplex!

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Anne of Green Gables

Alyson recently finished another reading of Matte O'Brien and Matt Vinson's new pop rock adaption of Anne of Green Gables! She returned as the bratty Josie Pye.